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Nursing Home Reducing Readmissions Preparation Program

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Readmissions Penalties Are Here. Are You Ready?

Did you know that Medicare has changed the reimbursement structure for nursing homes starting October 2018? A new factor that will contribute to your nursing home reimbursement includes hospital readmissions. You can learn more about the new readmission quality measures here and identify strategies to help prevent readmissions.

If you are located in California, please go to those state pages: California RRPP


Email the HSAG team at:

Learn more about the Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Even though the penalties have started, effective 10/1/18, it is never too late to work on the penalties that could occur in the following years. At the beginning of 2018, Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) developed a self-directed “Reducing Readmissions Preparation Program” journey. The resources in the program allows nursing home staff members to improve their knowledge on new readmission quality measures, identify strategies to prevent readmissions, and help facilities be a preferred provider to their local hospitals. Please review the resources below and contact HSAG if you have questions.

Commitment Period: January 1–September 30, 2018

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Program Activities

  • Establish a Reducing Readmissions Committee to create a successful program in your facility.
  • Track and trend Medicare Fee-for-Service 30-day readmissions data.
  • Access recordings of the monthly Intervention Strategies and Clinical Skills Webinar Series (under the Webinars & Coaching Calls tab) to reduce readmissions.
  • Use Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) techniques to implement readmission interventions.
  • To help keep you on track, access the monthly coaching call recordings with HSAG that include best practices for implementing interventions, as well as successes and challenges

What are the details? Discover the Steps in the Preparation Journey, or download the Program Criteria flyer.

Download the Program Overview.

If you are located in California, please go to those state pages: California RRPP

To get started:

  2. Readmission Committee: You need to form a Readmission Committee within your organization. Complete a Readmission Committee Roster and fax it back.
  3. Readmission Assessment: Work with your Readmission Committee to complete the Online Readmission Pre-Assessment. To help you complete the online version, download the paper version of the Readmission Assessment, complete it, then fill out the online version.

What else is involved? Discover the Steps in the Preparation Journey, or download the Program Criteria flyer.

The rest of the materials you will need are under Materials You'll Need below.

If you are located in California, please go to those state pages: California RRPP

Materials to Get You Started on Your Journey

Want to download the complete Kick-Off Packet described above? It's all here:

  1. Program Overview
  2. 2018 Webinar Series
  3. Program Criteria
  4. Commitment Agreement (note: new agreements are no longer being accepted)
  5. Committee Roster
  6. Readmission Assessment