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Patient with Doctor Diverse Support Group

CROWNWeb (Consolidated Renal Operations in a Web-Enabled Network) is a web-based data-collection system that allows Medicare-licensed facilities to transmit ESRD-patient data electronically to Medicare (CMS).  Access to CROWNWeb is restricted to registered users who have completed security training. Much of the data that is submitted into CROWNWeb comes in the form of “batched” data that is transmitted directly from dialysis-corporation databases.

What can CROWNWeb do?

CROWNWeb provides facilities with a means of reporting their patient and facility data directly to CMS in real-time.  The system allows users to:

  • Admit, track, and discharge patients.
  • Complete CMS forms, such as the CMS-2728 Medical Evidence and CMS-2746 Death Notification forms.
  • Submit clinical data including vascular access and lab info to CMS.

Accessing CROWNWeb

Users must Register in order to gain access to CROWNWeb. For additional information, help, tutorials, education and more please visit

EQRS Patient Discharge Guidelines

This resource provides guidance on the different discharge categories in EQRS and possible scenarios for use.

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Contact Information

Contact information for your ESRD Network can be found here.

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Clinical Clarity

Clarification on several fields that are confusing in the clinical module.

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CROWNWeb Online Educational Resources

MyCROWNWeb offers many different training and educational tools to help new and experienced users of CROWNWeb and QIMS

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CROWNWeb Online Help

Online help tool for CROWNWeb users.

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My CROWNWeb Website is a website managed for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to offer help and technical support to users of the CROWNWeb system.

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QIMS Login for All Users

QIMS login page for all users.

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QIMS Login for Security Officials

Login page for QIMS for Security Officials (SOs).

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