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Dialysis Facility Compare

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What is Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC)?

Dialysis Facility Compare is a webpage on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website. DFC allows patients to search for Medicare-approved dialysis facilities based on a city, state, or specific zip code. DFC provides data about dialysis facilities* including facility characteristics such as:

  • address and phone number
  • types of dialysis offered [in-center Hemo or peritoneal (home) dialysis]
  • whether facility offers dialysis shifts after 5 pm
  • number of dialysis treatment stations

DFC also has information about Patient Survey Ratings and Quality of Patient Care measures including:

  • Avoiding unnecessary transfusions
  • Preventing bloodstream infections
  • Removing waste from blood and nutritional status
  • Using the most effective access to the bloodstream
  • Keeping a patient’s bone mineral levels in balance
  • Avoiding hospitalizations and deaths

The DFC site also contains links to other websites, publications available for downloading, a glossary of terms, a list of useful contacts, and a kidney disease dictionary.

* Please note: There is generally some lag time between a facility opening and its information being posted on the DFC website, so if you have additional questions about facilities within Network 15 (AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT, and WY), you may call the Network at 303.831.8818.

Why Should Patients Use Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC)?

One of the most common uses of DFC is to search for Medicare-approved dialysis facilities close to a specific city or zip code. In addition, studies show that patients who are involved in their healthcare decisions tend to experience better health. Understanding ESRD and its treatment is a good way to get involved and the info on DFC is intended to help patients become more informed.

Do You Need Help Using the DFC Website? has some helpful information about using the DFC website.

How to Use DFC

How to Use DFC (Spanish)