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Reducing Rates of Bloodstream Infections QIA

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Following are links to tools that will assist you in achieving your BSI reduction goals:

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Resources

  • QAPI QIA BSI Monitoring Form
    Use the QAPI QIA BSI Monitoring Form (PDF) for tracking access- and CVC-related BSIs, the number of patients who have had two or more BSIs within a 12-month period, and BSI prevention education and for discussion of progress toward goals during QAPI meetings.

Medical Records Request Form

Use this fillable form that requires facility medical director signature to request blood culture results and other medical records for your patients.

CDC Resources

  • CDC Core Interventions
    These Core Interventions have been proven to reduce dialysis-related BSIs. Apply these interventions when using the Audit Tools and Checklists.