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Other COVID-19 Related Patient and Provider Resources

Diverse Support Group Inside Hospital with Busy Nurses

DPC Education Center Webinar with ASN

DPC Education Center webinar with ASN: What the COVID-19 Means for Kidney Patients (PDF) and Video

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ESRD National Coordinating Center

ESRD National Coordinating Center (NCC): Sample Infection Prevention and Control Quality Improvement Plan

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ESRD Network 2

ESRD Network 2 COVID-19 Pandemic and Compassion Fatigue slide deck (PDF) and Video

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Healthcare Ready Recording

Healthcare Ready recording: Dialysis Treatment During Coronavirus (embedded video)

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Home Dialysis Central

How to Support Home Dialysis Patients During a Pandemic Getting the Most Out of Telehealth for Home Dialysis Patients

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Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition

KCER website: KCER ESRD Community COVID-19 After-Action Report and Improvement Plan (AAR/IP)

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National Kidney Foundation Dialysis and COVID-19

This National Kidney Foundation (NKF) resource is designed to relieve stress.

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